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  1. olja says:

    olje Nice post, thanks. Do you have a Facebook account?

  2. Rose says:

    Shalom, we are inquiring about a two night stay, Sat and Sun, April 19 and 20, 2014 (arriving at end of Shabbat.)
    There are two people. (possibly three if our daughter who lives in Tel Aviv can join us.)
    Thank you for letting us know your availability and rates.

  3. Batya Shevach says:

    Please answer me, even it it’s to tell me you won’t help me. According to this listing from the telephone information website, you are the present owners of what was once my sister’s home. Yud Chet 29.'%D7%97+29+%D7%A6%D7%A4%D7%AA/077/5240235.html
    My sister, Rivka Ohana, was married to Shlomo Ohana. They moved to Florida, stopped paying their bank loan, and the house was sold – some time between 2009 and 2011. They are in the middle of divorce proceedings and my sister needs to know when the house was sold, and for how much money. All of this is public information, for anyone who has the “gush” and “chelka” information for a house. The problem is, the gush and chelka we have for the house 13069/30 does not appear on the Israeli government site where you can order Tabu docs online.
    The help I need is this: either please give me the gush and chelka number of the house, or give me the name of the lawyer you used to buy the house – my son is a lawyer and has a power of attorney doc from my sister. he can then request the info we need. Is there any way you can help? I wrote you before but you did not answer. This is to help a woman who has been stuck the courts for years, still not finalizing the divorce, because of money issues. I am not asking you to take sides, or give me any information that is not supposed to be available to the public. But the problem is simply that the Sfadt Municipality, maps online, govt websites – none recognize either the address or the gush-chelka I have. Maybe the numbers have changed since 5 years ago. Maybe the land belongs to the Vatican, or to the Ottoman Empire, or to Keren Kayamet…I don’t know. If you want I can speak to you on the phone 054-731-5382. I am not calling you directly because I am respecting your right to decide first how to respond. But I did send my son your phone number as it appears on the link above. Please help! All the best, Batya Shevach (you can find me on facebook and see I am friends with a number of people in Sfadt.)

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